The library is the store house of knowledge with a comprehensive collection of about 14,000 books. In addition, a number of periodicals, magazines & journals make the library reading more interesting. The staff and students are making good use of it. Primary classes have the privilege of class library, the knowledge filled with fun. Every student is encouraged to read at least one book in a week. The general condition of the library is kept cool, calm and quiet.


The cause & effect relationship and experimental verification principle of sciences are taught in the spacious physics, chemistry & biology laboratories equipped with latest apparatus and instruments. Classes VI to VIII are regularly exposed to scientific demonstration in their class room by their subject teachers. These young students are exposed to different glassware and some equipments.


Computer, now-a-days, is a vital medium to impart latest knowledge in any subject. Our senior computer lab is equipped with 25 computers with internet connectivity. Junior lab for Primary sections is equipped with 25 computers and FMM lab with 15 computers.

Teaching staff plan their teaching through computers with the help of 2 computers and the official correspondence is done by using two computer in the office. "Informatic Practices(IP)" and Computer Science has been offered as an elective subject at +2 levelfor Commerce and  Science Students.


A lot of emphasis is laid on the activity based teaching at primary stage.To achieve this, a well equipped resource room with, over head projectors, slide projectors, tape recorders, toys, chart & maps, cubes & shape, indoor games picture books, is created.

LCD projector has also been acquired. The teachers are using the apparatus for their day to day teaching. A number of teaching aids, projects are prepared by staff members for computer aided teaching.


Vidyalaya has a very rich teaching aids department. It has bulk of charts maps for social sciences, Mathematics tools, Cyclostyle machines, a xerox-machine and Ink-jet printers apart's from slide projecters, overhead projecters and LCD in activity room. A Duplo machine is also acquired for techers and students.

Tape recorder and number of Educational cassetes are available extensively.


The vidyalaya has a small play ground of it's own & a play park primary section with the sea-saw, slide, swing etc. Children are trained in cricket, volleyball, basketball etc. Vidyalaya has a basketball, a KHO-KHO, a Kabbadi, a Volleyball, a Hand ball court of it's own. There are major fields for Football & Cricket provided by our sponsoring unit INS, HAMLA. Students for indoor games are trained with the co-operation of the sponsor unit, INS, HAMLA.


A Vidyalaya garden is developed by children. Children enjoy the fresh air and fragrance of the garden.

A number of living flower pots are developed in the form of a Botanical garden.



Apart from imparting values in regular class room teaching, there are periodical lectures on moral values by various spiritual personalities making our students to embibe the different social, moral and spiritual values through their monthly talks and occasional workshops for staff and students.

Vidyalaya regularly organises the awareness programmes for Cancer, AIDS and health and hygiene to our young students through different NGOs like KIBTSO, Cancer India Society & Help-age India.Vidyalaya contributes to these agencies through the collections done by our students for such noble causes.



'Where eloquence fails to express the profoundest feelings, mute pictures become more explicit', is true after observing the works of this department. Vidyalaya is proud of its talented and expert teachers for bringing out the hidden potential of the students. Displays in the vidyalaya library are proud works of this deparment.


In Music Class various instuments likeSynthesizer (Yahama), Kongo, Drum Set, Bass Drum, Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Kangari, Mangira, Kartal, Gungaru, Tanpura, Hateli etc., are used.

Tiny tots are also given music lessons. On special occassions music lessons are imparted to Secondary Section which include 15 Regional Language Songs, Bhajans, Folk Songs, Group & Community Songs.


To balance the spiritual and materialistic aspects, in order to bring about perfect harmony in life, practising yoga is the need of the hour.

Keeping this in view, students from class VI to XII are given proper and regular training under the able guidance of Trained Yoga Instructors.

To explore and nurture the inherent talent and skill of the students, we have special activity classes.Amongst many such, a few to mention are :-
Flower making: Ourgandy & Solawood Rose etc.
Wax Sample: Candles & Stand, Flowers etc.
Other works like Golden Tree, Ice Cream Stick pot & ship, Painting & Decoration in Pot & Deepak. Knitting, Stitching, Embroidary and Fancy Work


The World s greatest brotherhood movement scout and Guides has strong deep root here. The Vidyalaya has nearly 109 Scouts and 68 Guide and 100 Cub and 80 Bulbuls. Every year Cubs and Bulbuls arrange a 24hr camp in the Vidyalaya and they are trained for many things on that day. Scouts and Guides every year produces Rajya Purashkar and Rashtrapati Purashkar. Scouts and Guides are regularly attending camps at the cluster level



For a complete development of a child s personality there is a utmost need of guidance and counseling from time to time. The class teachers are the best judge & they do the needed guidance and counselors go through the cases that can t be handled by concerned teachers. The Display Board on Guidance and Counseling is updated from time to time. The committee has chalked out yearly programme under the guidance of the chairman i.e Principal Mr.M.L.Paliwal For secondary classes the data is collected from I.I.M Inventory to known about children s personality traits. A talk on career guidance & pamplets on career launch is provided to class XII students.

The Vidyalaya has two trained and qualified staff MRS Puspa Piplani and MRS. Vandana Sharma, for providing guidance and counseling to the students. They take-up the problems of the students twice in a week and short them off.



The school has added a new era in its wing by providing adolescent Education through some NGO s. We inform the students, specially girls, about their growing problems, periods, cleanliness and give the scientific replies of their quarries. They are also made aware of AIDS, STD, Sexual abuse / harassments through



The project of green school has been undertaken by this Vidyalaya.
In this regard, endeveadours have been made to make the school building surrounded by greenery. 
A small garden, enhances the beauty of the Vidyalaya campus and is watered by the students and Group D. (active participation by the students) Waste water from toilets bath rooms & laboratories is used for this purpose (recycling of waste).
To keep the building clean, SUPW Dept has got dust bins made out of waste tins fro the students as project and got installed in all classes & departments. 
Tall green trees Ashok. Palm and others bordering the school ground & road to the building render it aesthetic beauty and enrich the atmosphere with oxygen.
Students are encouraged to dump their waste (eg left over / spoilt / fallen food etc) in the pits, dug especially for it, to turn it into manure, which when added to soil acts as a potent fertilizer.
The vidyalaya lives by the motto  Green shool, clean school !