Principal Message




We are living in an era, where schooling has undergone a paradigm shift. Schooling has come a long way off the traditional mode towards a success oriented society.

It is our endeavor to build a conducive environment for the All-round development of children to achieve excellence in whatever they do.

At KV INS Hamla, students from diverse backgrounds grow educationally; get involved in various activities, enjoying meaningful and fruitful school experience.

The strength of the Vidyalaya is - its staff, students and their parents. With the needs of the students as a pivotal point, the administration, staff and parents will be in liaison to bestow the best to its children.

A motivated personality infuses a motivated mindset. It would be the mission of the school to instill a sense of inspiration and encouragement in the students and staff so that they can render their best.

In the age of globalization, it is imperative that the youth of today are made aware of the opportunities and challenges that they would face on leaving the school and hence the main focus of Kendriya Vidyalaya is the holistic personality development of the child, which encompasses both the scholastic and non-scholastic areas.

Grooming every student so that the child develops a positive perspective towards carrier and life is the mission of the school.

Let’s join hands towards developing holistic personality of students to evolve them in to better citizens of the society.



                                                                                Veneeta Narula


                                                                                Kendriya Vidyalaya

                                                                                INS Hamla Malad (W) Mumbai

                                                                                Mumbai Region