Teacher Achievers


Mrs. Krishna Kumari is a highly dedicated teacher who has been working in the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan since 1986.Her priority is the students and she believes In learning by doing. Her innovative activity based methods of teaching have brought remarkable results among her students and won praise and applause from parents. She is credited with the use of Technology in school, thus motivating both students, as well as teachers from Primary to Senior Secondary in using computers as an effective learning tool. As a Master Trainer she has not only trained teachers in her school in the year 2002 but 63 teachers from different schools at the In-service Course held at Bhandup in May in the year 2003 and Orientation programme In Jan 2004 at I.N.S.Hamla, training them on the application and use of computer aided lessons, use of computers in making question papers and result sheets this has helped the students and teachers of their respective schools. She bas assisted the HM in her capacity as coordinator on her visits to the Thane, Bhandup, Powai KV s for teacher evaluation and implementation of activity based method in the year 2003.

She lays a lot of emphasis on the use of English both written as well as spoken and has successfully implemented the Lotus English learning programme in the primary Section as Coordinator since the year 2003.she had been entrusted the duty of preparing split of syllabus for All India distribution for Class 5, model question papers and sample PowerPoint presentations for class 5 in English, EVS and Hindi which she completed successfully in the year 2004. She coordinated with HM and made evaluation formats for value points and grades in all subjects from class 3 to 5 which was appreciated by the Education Officer.

As In charge of the Resource room and Primary Computer Lab since the year 2000 she has motivated and assisted students to prepare PowerPoint Presentations due to which 96 projects were received this year some of which are excellent resource materials. She also conducts computer aided lessons for the senior classes from time to time. She also conducts value-education classes for students during the vacation in various workshops held by the Brahma Kumaries (Affiliated to the department of public information of United Nations as a NGO and has consultative status with UNICEF and ECOSOC). She guides and councils the students in developing values since the year 1998. Her paper on the 'Need for Reorientation of Curriculum', which was presented at the Naval Education officers meet was highly appreciated in the year l999. Some of the cultural programmes prepared by her were telecast in the year 1988 and 1989.

In the year 2005 she was trained as Master Trainer for the K.V.S. project Think.com and has in turn trained 43 Teacher administrators from all over Mumbai region who in turn will be implementing the project in their schools. She also assisted in the math s workshop for TGTS and was Resource person for Spoken English at the in-service course for primary teachers at KV Bhandup 2005.

This year proved to be particularly rewarding as she got an opportunity to show her skills through the massive globalisation project think.com launched by KVS. She trained students, teachers, teacher administrators for Mumbai region and conducted training workshops for principals, vice principals, education officers and assistant commissioner in the use of web tools under the project to aid integration and globalisation of education. She was recognised for her good work as master trainer for Mumbai region by the Commissioner for KVS and the India operations head for Oracle, Mr. Ajay Kapur who visited the school.

She undertook various web based projects like - let us revise site for a reference question bank for students and teachers all over India .contributed curriculum based PPT s for the project EDUTECH. Started a forum (or discussion on the benefits of think.com which received participation from students all over the world. Trained teachers for the EDUTECH programme to help them prepare and use computer aided lessons for teaching! and enhance learning.

She maintains the school web site. She also takes part in all work shops, orientation, programmes and Trained teacher at In-service course for PGTS in math s at INS Hamla in June 2006 in using computers for TAL and conducted workshops in school and at in-service courses for PRT s in Spoken English. She willingly takes up the various duties assigned to her and her zeal and enthusiasm makes her popular among students as well as teachers.